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Service and Repair


EMC test and PowerQuality

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is an important objective when planning and operating electrical equipment. All components should work smoothly with each other and then only intentionally interact with each other, if at all. Unfortunately, this is sometimes very difficult to achieve in practice. In order to be capable of mitigating PowerQuality problems such as harmonics, voltage dips or reactive powers effectively, the sources of error must first be analysed and the measurements evaluated.

REO provides you with the necessary portable or permanently installed measurement devices and records measurement data, if necessary, for up to one year. Finally, our qualified professionals evaluate the recorded measurements, thereby enabling them to put together the appropriate REO PowerQuality product for you individually.

Our test fields

Quality assurance is top priority at REO. That is why we keep test fields at all our locations worldwide as part of our comprehensive product control during operations. The latest measurement technology, which is always kept state-of-the-art, ensures that the products delivered have the highest quality.

According to the principle of "everything from one source"

• Precise understanding of the problem with the help of EMC long-term measurements (over several months)   using REO devices

• Uniform compliance with applicable norms and standards

• Custom design of a product or a combination of products

• In-house development and manufacture of the solution

• On-site installation and servicing by a qualified REO employee

Which product solution is right for me?

A custom-designed product solution is determined using long-term EMC measurements (REO Service). These measurements show details over several months or even down to a fraction of a second.

There are a variety of options depending on your requirements (THDI value), the legal standards and specifications:

•  For example, if the THDI value is set to 35%, then a mains choke is suitable. The advantage of this solution is very clearly on the relatively low-cost implementation.

•  For a THDI value set to 20%, we would already use a mains choke combined with a filter.

• The REOWAVEpassive is an ideal solution for a low THDI value of less than 5%.A B6-inverter topology is required for this.



So do not hesitate to contact us and arrange a personal appointment for a consultation.



  • Treatise PowerQuality

    Treatise PowerQuality


Our testing capabilities:

  • Modular test system with power ratings up to 216 kW DC for testing inductive components for 

To effectively contain problems related to electricity or power quality, such as harmonic distortion, voltage dips or reactive power, the error sources first have to be analysed and measurements evaluated.

Our testing capabilities:

  • Modular test system with power ratings up to 216 kW DC for testing inductive components for railway engineering
  • QA-type tests according to the task and the required standards
  •  Measuring the saturation behaviour of inductive loads of up to 999 A
  • Testing components for drive technology
  • EMC test field for mains-borne measurements